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I don't even know why I haven't done one of these yet, as I'm a forum whore 🥴 My IRL name is Nate, but i've been under the screen name Dbcrazy for well over 12 years now. I'm 22 years old, have a 5 month old daughter, engaged & sell used & new cars for a living. I love Hip Hop, Basketball, Programming and Twisted Tea 🥂

  • Have been a RuneScape member since ealy 2008
  • Discovered my first RSPS from my uncle who originally introduced me to RuneScape around 2009ish
  • Developed Pernix718 PK which lasted a whole 2 years averaging about 10 players lul
  • Experience in Java, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Python & Ruby
  • From Kentucky, USA but graduated in Westminster, California
  • SUPER STOKED FOR Battle614

Feel free to add me on discord Dbcrazy💫#5454

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9 minutes ago, InfernalFN said:

I think we would get a long pretty well! 😂

Nice to meet you, Nate! 🙂

Nate created this potential Clan when the server releases maybe you guys can cook something up :D


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