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Forest Moderator Application

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Name: Justin

IGN: Forest

Age: 23

Your Location: Quebec, Canada

Estimated Average Amount Of Activity (Per Week):  5 Days a week

Why Should You Receive This Position: Here are some of the reasons why I think I deserve Moderator Role

1. I want to help the community really enjoy the overall aspect of Battle614. The love of pking in this revision that made me fall in love with RSPS since I was young. 

2. The community is a huge aspect to a Server like this with the amount of  potential it has. Without the community we wouldn't be able to enjoy the server that the Team are creating before our eyes. With that being said it is my at most number 1 priority to get the community there best experience they could possibly have. While the team has other priorities to take care of,that's where I would come in to help with tickets to any possible issue there could be solved while following the rules 

3. What I do outside of Battle 614 is that I am a Help Desk Analyst Level 2-3 Support. I work on a daily basis to have issues resolved. Whilst being active on chat and closing tickets on a daily basis. My main concern is to get the issues resolved and make sure my client is satisfied with my work and if they are not what I can do to make there experience better. 

4. I am always looking ways to improve. I am very good at creating help documentation, Getting it approved from the team before anything of course ;).

Previous Staff Experience: I have been Server Support and Moderator on a few servers not huge servers,

Past RS/RSPS Experience (How long have you played etc): I have played RSPS for about 7 years on and off and roughly 3 years of Runescape

What do you wish to achieve as a Battle614 Staff Member: What I wish to achieve, I will do everything in my power to make this server the biggest server in RSPS History. I want to bring back the OG RSPS community while welcoming the new community. Give the community the at most enjoyment to this server they possibly can have, Just like had and will have to come.

If you have any questions feel free to let me know 

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my application




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