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  1. It's like with OSRS, I never really "quit". I can just take some pretty long hiatus's, but when I am back, I am grinding like "WHY DID I STOP?!". Then I go on another hiatus a month later, for like a year. Lol.
  2. In-game Username: InfernalFN Time Zone: CST - Central Standard Time Country: U.S.A Favorite Activity? (PvP,PvM,Skilling,etc.): PVP will forever be my favorite Activity. Position Desired: Clan Administrator Why do you wanna join?: I'll be frank, now a days, deep wild pking is IMPOSSIBLE without a clan. If you're a solo pker, when you get your opponent low, you just get followed in on by 15+ people, just spec trading you. It's no fun. I want to join to mostly PK, but I will absolutely take part in PVM Activities/Minigames. I will be more than happy to show what I am made
  3. InfernalFN


    I think we would get a long pretty well! 😂 Nice to meet you, Nate! 🙂
  4. In the middle of bum fuck no where! Oklahoma, USA. ;\
  5. NHing/Hybridding will always be my favorite styles. It's so satisfying to have a good fight with someone of equal level, or even better. It's thrilling.
  6. I'm going to be a weirdo here. I love the Zuriel's Staff (Yes, the shitty staff). Miasmic spells are so underrated, I love the fact that it halfs the attack speeds of the opponent hit with it. It always throws everyone off. Used it a ton back in the day for NHing/Bridding to throw off my opponents. Plus the Miasmic Barrage graphic is just sick too me. C;
  7. If I could get down to something specific, it was around August/September of the year 2007. I remember it vividly, because not long after that I was introduced to Runescape itself, did I stumble upon the RSPS community, and oh boy, was it "down" hill from there xD. Sucked me right in!
  8. [Infernals Introduction] Name - Levi IGN - InfernalFN How long have you been playing RSPS? - I have been playing RSPS since 2007, so 13, going on 14 years now. What are you excited most about Battle614? - I'm excited to see the 614 revision revived. It has always been a favorite for me. Had some of my best memories in this era. Seeing this project gives me real hope. Promising features, unique content, etc. It's very refreshing too see someone pour this much passion and attention into this project. Where are you from? - Oklahoma (Middle of bum fuck no where) Wha
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