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  1. Hey Battlers, I was wondering what are you excited about the most when the server comes out. Let me know in the comments below I am looking forward to future events and to see what some good old Pking styles that I will be able to relive my childhood.
  2. Forest


    Nate created this potential Clan when the server releases maybe you guys can cook something up :D
  3. Forest


    About Time, Nice to meet you Dbcrazy, Welcome
  4. So you got strategy 😏 well cant wait to see you perform in game.
  5. Hey Battlers, I wanted to show you how to add your discord to the forums. Here are some simple steps on where to go to link your discord for a rank on the discord server and everyone that links there profiles will receive special rewards that can never be obtained again on release. Step 1: Click on your name at the top right of the forums and navigate to Account settings Step 2: Chose the option that says Discord Step 3: Click on the "Login with Discord" Button Step 4: Log in with your discord credentials Step 5: Click Authorize All done! If you have any questions feel
  6. Forest


    Welcome, Setup get ready to get dropped <3
  7. Great post looks like this clan will have a great back bone as you being Leader cant wait to see you in the Wildy
  8. Hey guys I was wondering what is your favorite pking style(s). I am really bad at trying to Brid or even switching in general. I know a few styles if I am missing any let me know 1. Hybrid 2. Tribridding 3. F2P 4. Pure Pking 5. Risk Fighting 6. Main (126 - 138 Combat) 7. Zerker I really enjoy Pure pking and Main I am way too slow to Hybrid the most I can do its Void Range to Melee maybe mediocre Void Hybrid if I practice enough.
  9. I am hoping that you don't try to D claw rush me boy, you have another thing coming 😈
  10. Those Chat rooms were something. I feel you about the 614 revisions, did you happen to try Fatality 614 before it shut [email protected] I remember Simplicity in those days the community was huge. Good old days. That's why as a community we need to bring these memories back with Battle614
  11. Quebec, Canada for me @Glass how is it in Germany currently
  12. Hey guys as we are getting closer and closer to spawning in the GE I was wondering what are you favorite weapon that will be on Battle614. It can be Melee, Range or Mage. It can be a sled if you want take that to edge. If you got any photos or videos of you using those weapons in action feel free to post them. I am also trying to prepare myself who I should keep an eye on when I cross edge border As for me Favorite Melee weapon has to be Korasi
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