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  1. Ohh yeah, the server is looking great Yoko.
  2. Definitely looking forward to pking and doing some achievements
  3. Oh yeah baby welcome aboard, no try-outs yet but that is something to definitely think about.
  4. Dbcrazy


    I don't even know why I haven't done one of these yet, as I'm a forum whore 🥴 My IRL name is Nate, but i've been under the screen name Dbcrazy for well over 12 years now. I'm 22 years old, have a 5 month old daughter, engaged & sell used & new cars for a living. I love Hip Hop, Basketball, Programming and Twisted Tea 🥂 Have been a RuneScape member since ealy 2008 Discovered my first RSPS from my uncle who originally introduced me to RuneScape around 2009ish Developed Pernix718 PK which lasted a whole 2 years averaging about 10 players lul Experience in Java, HTM
  5. Welcome bro! Working at a dealership can be rough, I sell used cars for a large Toyota Dealer. Seems like we have a lot of the same hobbies, hope to see you in game!
  6. In-game Username: Time Zone: Country: Favorite Activity? (PvP,PvM,Skilling,etc.): Position Desired: Why do you wanna join?:
  7. Forged in the Fire, Black Dragon Clan is here to provide unity in the Dangerous PvP zones of Battle614. Fire Drakes apart of BDC will come together to conquer the mightiest of foes, being players or Boss monsters. We are here to establish a standard and progress through Battle614 unprecedented. Which side of the Claw will you be on? Fire Drakes apart of BDC will receive Clan-specific giveaways, drop parties, PvP events, Boss masses, Mini-game events and much more. We are really looking for a community of players to stick together and assist one another to achieve the it
  8. Dbcrazy

    Official Game Media

    Absolutely glorious ❤️
  9. Dbcrazy


    Welcome to the community! Can't wait to see everyone in game 😁😁
  10. LET'S GOOOO 💦💦💦
  11. I definitely see your point, however, when a Pker sees this server they will do whatever it takes to log in and play. I personally support this type of integration because a majority of the time a player's first impressions of a server are the landing page and or Forums. For a new player to click on the forums and see all of these registered accounts, posts and just general activity, automatically gives the impression that there is an established community worth being a part of. You will get some people who will gripe and moan about having to spend 2 minutes making a Forum account,
  12. 1. Hybridding - Main welfare set up (without all the pray switching bs) 2. Risk Fighting 3. Main / Zerker Melee pking You should add to this list: Main NH, Pure NH, Dharoking and High Risk Pking (Different from Risk Fighting as most of the time it involves multiple combat styles as opposed to melee fighting with 100M Gp in your inventory like Risk Fighting)
  13. Oh im coming right for you the first chance I get
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