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  1. Awesome update, loving the content :']
  2. MODERATOR APPLICATION All applicants must meet the following requirements: 1) You must know all the game, forum & discord rules for Battle614 2) Must be active on the forums, game & discord 3) Must not of had any mutes, jails, and bans on record MODERATOR APPLICATION FORMAT: Name: IGN: Age: Your Location: Estimated Average Amount Of Activity (Per Week): Why Should U Receive This Position: Previous Staff Experience: Past RS/RSPS Experience (How long have you played etc): What do you wish to achieve as a Batt
  3. Marksman


    So excited to be apart of this, can't wait for the release.
  4. Bug Report Format: Bug Description: Bug Priority (Low, Med, High): Image/Video: Additional Information:
  5. Staff Report Format: Staff IGN: Reason for Report: Evidence (Required): Additional Information:
  6. Player Report Format: Player IGN: Reason for Report: Evidence (Required): Additional Information:
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  8. Marksman


    Welcome! Glad to hear you're excited :']
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