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  1. Minigame System Added support for group activities Added support for lobby system Added support for group widget updating Weapon Game Minigame Each kill you earn you will automatically upgrade your tier Must get a kill with the final tier to win the game Zombies will randomly spawn around the map, killing them will provide helpful items Bots will automatically fill missing amount of players & will play the minigame as intended Require 5 people to start with the max of 30 Match length are 10 minutes Achievements I
  2. Yeah it can definitely suck you in. Even when you think you've escaped it, it comes right back.
  3. Hello Battlers! We have been in development for only a couple of months, and even though we still have a few months before we can release anything to the public we have built ourselves a pretty awesome community. I wanted to show my appreciate to everyone that has and continues to follow us through our journey. I have added support for linking your discord account to your forum account directly. Everyone that links their profiles will receive a verified rank on discord. All verified members will receive special rewards that can never be obtained again on release. When we
  4. Haha damn I forgot I actually spent money on it too... Having it on the rsps site was must at the time
  5. Hello Battlers! Now that we are getting back into our routine we have been hard at work with the development of Battle614. Today we are bringing you a lot of content and integration stuff. Server & Forum Integration Accounts must be registered on forums before logging in Login requests will authenticate with forum account before accepting the session Banning accounts on the forums will automatically ban the user's game account and vice versa Upgrading donator status will automatically update the forum account Discord Integration Ab
  6. Oh my, that image brings me baaaaccckk.
  7. Congratulations on the promotion!
  8. I was introduced into the world of RSPS around 2010. Not long after I started developing my own and boy has it been fun. 🙂
  9. Yoko

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    Here are a collection of images that best depict Battle614 in all it's glory!
  10. Hello Battlers, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates these last few weeks. There has been a lot going on IRL for the development team which did not leave us with much time to work with. We also wanted to make sure we don't force anything as that could deteriorate the motivation of the team. We want to sustain a healthy relationship when it comes to the development of Battle614. With that being said, here's our update log during that time. Added support for global NPC shout messages Moved the donator zone location Added a NPC to greet donators whe
  11. Yoko


    Welcome to the community @Forest, glad you're here!
  12. Yoko


    Welcome to the community my friend 😃
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