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Battle614 will offer one of the smoothest and realistic combat systems

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Random global events will take place every hour! There's always something to do in the world of Battle614.

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Battle614 offers tons of unique content available that have never been done by anyone else!

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  1. Last week
  2. Ohh yeah, the server is looking great Yoko.
  3. Awesome update, loving the content :']
  4. You're a god Has anyone ever told you, you're a god?
  5. Minigame System Added support for group activities Added support for lobby system Added support for group widget updating Weapon Game Minigame Each kill you earn you will automatically upgrade your tier Must get a kill with the final tier to win the game Zombies will randomly spawn around the map, killing them will provide helpful items Bots will automatically fill missing amount of players & will play the minigame as intended Require 5 people to start with the max of 30 Match length are 10 minutes Achievements I
  6. Earlier
  7. Definitely looking forward to pking and doing some achievements
  8. Don't remember the date but I remember playing one of the biggest custom 317 servers before it shut down but be around 614 scene for 90% of my time in RSPS Scene.
  9. Hey Battlers, I was wondering what are you excited about the most when the server comes out. Let me know in the comments below I am looking forward to future events and to see what some good old Pking styles that I will be able to relive my childhood.
  10. Come late 2021, this is gonna be the OG "what Battle614 looked like in alpha stages" thread :D
  11. Oh yeah baby welcome aboard, no try-outs yet but that is something to definitely think about.
  12. It's like with OSRS, I never really "quit". I can just take some pretty long hiatus's, but when I am back, I am grinding like "WHY DID I STOP?!". Then I go on another hiatus a month later, for like a year. Lol.
  13. Yeah it can definitely suck you in. Even when you think you've escaped it, it comes right back.
  14. In-game Username: InfernalFN Time Zone: CST - Central Standard Time Country: U.S.A Favorite Activity? (PvP,PvM,Skilling,etc.): PVP will forever be my favorite Activity. Position Desired: Clan Administrator Why do you wanna join?: I'll be frank, now a days, deep wild pking is IMPOSSIBLE without a clan. If you're a solo pker, when you get your opponent low, you just get followed in on by 15+ people, just spec trading you. It's no fun. I want to join to mostly PK, but I will absolutely take part in PVM Activities/Minigames. I will be more than happy to show what I am made
  15. Forest


    Nate created this potential Clan when the server releases maybe you guys can cook something up :D
  16. InfernalFN


    I think we would get a long pretty well! 😂 Nice to meet you, Nate! 🙂
  17. In the middle of bum fuck no where! Oklahoma, USA. ;\
  18. Forest


    About Time, Nice to meet you Dbcrazy, Welcome
  19. Dbcrazy


    I don't even know why I haven't done one of these yet, as I'm a forum whore 🥴 My IRL name is Nate, but i've been under the screen name Dbcrazy for well over 12 years now. I'm 22 years old, have a 5 month old daughter, engaged & sell used & new cars for a living. I love Hip Hop, Basketball, Programming and Twisted Tea 🥂 Have been a RuneScape member since ealy 2008 Discovered my first RSPS from my uncle who originally introduced me to RuneScape around 2009ish Developed Pernix718 PK which lasted a whole 2 years averaging about 10 players lul Experience in Java, HTM
  20. Welcome bro! Working at a dealership can be rough, I sell used cars for a large Toyota Dealer. Seems like we have a lot of the same hobbies, hope to see you in game!
  21. So you got strategy 😏 well cant wait to see you perform in game.
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