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[ March 27 2021 ] Game Updates

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I know it has been quite a while since the last update post however, we took on the challenge of re-structuring the way regions were loaded which took quite a significant amount of time. Things are starting to look good and everyday we are getting closer to beta. I know everyone is eagerly waiting the release of beta but we want to make sure that everything is up to expectation. There isn't much left before we can roll it out so stay patient!



  • Completely re-wrote the death mechanics for better efficiency
  • Re-wrote the calculations for dropping items on death
  • Players will now keep 2 extra items in a pvp zone which brings the total possible kept items to 6
  • Wilderness will follow normal death mechanics (max 4 kept)


Lost Items

  • When a player dies, any untradeable items that are not kept on death will be sent to the lost item collection
  • You can re-purchase your lost items for a fraction of it's original store value
  • Added the ability to purchase all items in the collection in one go
  • If you kill a player with untradeables that get sent into collections, you will get tokens equivalent to the reclaim price


   Items Kept on Death

  • Made some changes to the interface for additional features and general improvements
  • Opening the interface will now base all the factors off your current information (location, skull, prayers)
  • Created items that get converted on death will display as such
  • Items that will be sent to the lost collections will be highlighted and the reclaim value will be shown as a dropped      


Daily Tasks

  • Every 24 hours each player will be assigned 3 tasks for each category (pvp, pvm, pvb, skilling & misc)
  • Created a dedicated interface to handle the system
  • The interface has an updating timer which will count down until the next day starts
  • When a player completes a task they will receive a daily key, which makes it possible for players to obtain a total of 15 daily keys per day
  • Daily keys can be used on the loot chest for various different items
  • Daily times are all saved on a server restart, even if the time runs out during the server being off it will self adjust on the next restart


 F2P Hub

  • Part of tutorial island has been assigned as the dedicated F2P hub
  • Players may only leave the safezone if they do not have any members items on them
  • Other checks are in place to ensure players do not use cheats (spellbooks, prayerbooks, etc)
  • When you have killed someone in this area you will not get any summoning charms but you will still get the normal BP dropped
  • In addition to the normal drop you will also get 250 F2P points which can be used at the store for various items
  • F2P pking has been added into the daily tasks and achievements
  • A new title has been added for obtaining 1,000 F2P kills   
  • Removed the client check which prevented players from talking in the tutorial island


Item Loans

  • Fixed some issues with the loaned items being removed 
  • Added support for being able to set custom item loans (with the visuals)
  • Added a few more weapon loans
  • Weapon loans will no longer be set to a place holder if in enabled on bank
  • The usage of doors, ladders, and levers now will check if the destination leads to the wilderness and will prohibit you if necessary   


Combat Weapons (Custom attacks can be changed, currently being tested)

  • Scythe of vitur
    • Special attack costs 85% special energy and will inflict 3 damages that's progressively get stronger   
  • Dragonhunter lance
    • Special attack requires a minimum of 30% to be used and will consume all the energy
    • The more energy that it consumes the more accurate the hit will be
  • Nightmare staffs
    • Volatile, elderich, and harmonized variants and their special attacks have been added.
    • Animations are custom due to not loading osrs animations which will effect the attack delay and other mechanics
  • Zaryte bow
    • This bow can be worn with a shield
    • Using the special requires 50% energy and will hit very accurate with increased attack cooldown      
  • Other
    • Granite maul special has been increased to 60% and the ornate granite maul has been introduced (can be created by using an ornate handle on a granite maul)    
    • Serpentine, magma and tanzanite helmets will prevent players from being poisoned when equipped



  • Started writing a base combat system for npcs
  • Npc aggression has been fully added (will stop being aggressive in 20 minutes unless player leaves the region)
  • Npcs will walk back to their spawn point if they have been lured away


  • Corporeal Beast
    • Stomp attacks will damage players in a close radius
    • Energy ball attacks will drain a players summoning or prayer levels
    • AOE attack can damage players near initial target
    • Dark energy core can spawn and will start healing the corporeal beast while damaging a player
    • If health has been lowered and there is no one in the cave then corporeal beast will regenerate it's health
    • Drop table has been added
  • King Black Dragon
    • All attacks have have been added (firey breath, shocking breath, toxic breath and icy breath)
    • Drop table has been added
  • Rammernaut
    • Swing attack can be avoided if timed perfectly, and it will hit all players near it's vicinity 
    • Ram attack will chase a specific player for 10 tiles, if made contact will hit for significant damage
    • Drop table has been added (can drop inquisitor)
  • Skeletal Horror
    • Skeletal horror can break into a weaker form as damage has been dealt
    • Skeletal will drop bones which must be picked up by the player otherwise it will heal the boss
    • Skeletal bones has pathing and will run away from the player
    • Drop tables has been added



  • Added a npc at the skilling zone who will buy a select few items for BP
  • Added the mage of zamorak who will teleport you to the abyss
  • Added various thieving npcs around the island
  • Reach max levels in a non-combat skill will send a global message


  • Cooking
    • All fish that can be caught are able to be cooked
    • Cooking fish has a chance to burn
    • Using a fish on a cooking range will bring up the correct dialogue input interface
    • Has been fully integrated with the skill pass
  • Smithing
    • Ability to smelt all ores
    • Ability to smith ores into items
    • Has been fully integrated with the skill pass
  • Herblore
    • Ability to clean all grimy herbs
    • Ability to create unfinished potions using a vial of water and the herb
    • Ability to mix unfinished potions with the specific ingredient to create a potions
    • Has been fully integrated with the skill pass
  • Crafting
    • Added support for all spinable actions (wool, flax, rope etc)
    • Added the ability to craft uncut gems
    • Added the ability to string amulets
    • Added leather tanning
    • Added leather armour crafting
    • Added jewelry crafting
    • Has been fully integrated with the skill pass
  • Fletching
    • Added arrow fletching
    • Added bolt fletching
    • Added dart fletching
    • Added crossbow fletching
    • Added bow & crossbow stringing
    • Added bolt tip fletching
    • Added item carving (racks, shortbows, longbows, etc)
  • Hunter
    •  Ability to catch all butterflies
    •  Ability to catch all implings
    •  Butterflies & implings will respawn after being caught
    •  Added rewards for opening jars
    •  Added falcon hunting
    •  Added a hunter npc to skilling zone who will teleport you to various training grounds
  • Agility
    • Wrote a base system to handle agility functions
    • Implemented the full gnome village course
    • Added a npc to skilling zone who will teleport you to various courses
  • Thieving
    • Added the ability to steal from stalls
    • Added a guard path system which will damage and scare you away if you are thieving while he walks on the according tile
    • Added the ability to pickpocket npcs
    • Has been fully integrated with the skill pass
  • Runecrafting
    • Added all the abyss teleports
    • Ability to craft runes with the correct modifiers
    • Added all runecrafting pouches (small, medium, large & giant) and added them to the skilling store
    • Has been fully integrated with the skill pass
  • Summoning
    • All familiar special attacks types are supported (player, items, npcs, etc)
    • Familiars have support for passive abilities
    • Familiars all have support for BoB (with correct mechanics if owner or familiar dies)
    • Familiars can be used to attack other entities given the right circumstances
    • Familiars will automatically transform to it's combat variant when in a PvP zone
    • Familiars will be saved on logout including BoB contents & will resume the timer once logged back in
    • Life duration of familiars will be 30 minutes (increased time for donators)
    • Familiars utilizes correct formula for decrementing summoning points
      • Pack Yak
        • Full 28 storage slots
        • Ability to send an item directly into the bank (25,000 BP limit if in wilderness)
      • Bunyip
        • Ability to use the special to consume a raw food
        • Passive effect that heals 2 HP every 15 seconds
      • War Tortoise
        • 18 storage slots
        • Using the special will increase defence level by 9
      • Spirit Terrorbird
        • 12 storage slots
        • Using special will increase agility by 2 and increase run energy by half of current agility level
      • Unicorn Stallion
        • Special will heal the summoner 15% of their current health
      • Ibis
        • When fishing there is a chance for the ibis to spawn a random fish into it's storage
        • Using special will spawn two raw fishes near the player
  • Misc.
    • Many more tree types have been added to the skilling zone
    • Teak trees may now be chopped down
    • Slayer has been fully added into the skill pass
    • Can now interact with slayer gem to see current task



  •  Can now view online staff & ping them
  •  Fixed a bug where if you stepped into a safe-zone after killing a bot/player you wouldn't get rewards
  •  Added donator bonds which will give different donator points based off the bond, will also update rank if available
  •  Fixed a bug where home teleport button would randomly stop working
  •  Made some adjustments to the gear spawn tab interface
  •  Added a quick-spawn button to the gear spawn tab, which will gear you in your last used gear set
  •  Last quick spawn gear is now saved on logout
  •  Fixed incorrect skill cape animations
  •  Added the give thanks emote
  •  Added veteran & completionist skill cape emotes
  •  Added skillcape emote for dungeoneering cape
  •  Added skillcape emote for dungeoneering master cape
  •  Added a npc at home that will give the veteran, max, and completionist cape
  •  Added more player titles
  •  Added the Battle veteran npc which will give you a veteran, max and completionist cape if permitted
  •  Forcemovement mask was added
  •  Wrote a base system for forcemovement
  •  Energy and super energy potions have been added
  •  Dragon antifire potions have been added
  •  Antipoison potions have been added
  •  Wilderness obelisk have been fully added



  • Fixed in issue that exists in most rs2 servers where equipping an item and swapping tabs at the same exact time would cancel the equip action
    • Plugins
      • OSRS Plugin
        • This plugin gives you the opportunity to re-theme a few client components into it's OSRS variant   
      • Inventory tags
      • Dialogue options via key presses
      • Attack options
      • Item dragging
      • Ground items
      • Player indicators
      • Screenshot





















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Big update like usual, Good stuff beta coming soon boys!

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Good updates, glad I was able to contribute to the alpha a lil :) looking out for Beta

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Good Update can't wait for the beta to try things out!

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you put alot of efford on this update bro cant wait till the server comes out!!

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