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How to add a signature to your profile

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I have decided to create a quick and easy guide on how to add a custom signature to your forum profile.

I know that its quite easy but there is always a few people that don't know how to do it,

anyways lets get started !



STEP 1:  click on your profile so this interface pops up.




STEP 2: now click on the 3rd settings option which is:




STEP 3: you will see bunch of options on the left side of your screen, here you click onto "signature"




STEP 4: clicking on "signature", will make this interface appear where you can now set whatever you may want as your individual signature.

(images, text or gifs)




STEP 5: Last but not least, hit 4114c5f44cc2912a807f88f9824a49f9.pngto finish the process. 



sincerely, Ethanovic the 1st

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NIce 😃

Now i can finally not get pms about how to add signature l0l

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Life-saving tutorial right here man. ✌️

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