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[ February 6 2021 ] Game Updates

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As mentioned in the last update thread, Alpha testing has begun. For the last few weeks we have spent a lot of time fixing bugs and making sure that everything works the way it's suppose to.

All in all, the testing has been great and we haven't had any unpleasant surprises. We plan on continuing alpha testing until we are ready for beta (no ETA yet). 



  •  Smite prayer has been added
  •  Redemption has been added
  •  Added turmoil effect
  •  Added soul split effect
  •  Added berserker effect
  •  All leech prayers have been added
  •  All sap prayers have been added


  •  Granite maul special attack has been revisited and is now correctly implemented  
  •  Fixed issue with combat attack checks
  •  Fixed issue with special attack restoration
  •  Fixed issue with korasi
  •  Autocast will now be cancelled when equipping a new weapon
  •  Casting spells will now give experience
  •  Fixed some issues with poison
  •  Granite maul has been revisited and now functions as it should
  •  All issues with mage experiences have been fixed
  •  Fixed all the issues with existing normal spells

Friends & Ignores

  •  Friends chat has been written (private messaging, removing, adding, privacy modes, etc)
  •  Ignores list has been fully implemented 
  •  Privacy chat modes are now being saved and utilized properly


  •  Core bot mechanics were revised and were greatly improved
  •  Bots will now automatically populate specific areas
  •  Bots now have a reference to their designated safe and dangerous zones
  •  Bots will randomize they gear after each death
  •  Bots have the ability to use special attacks and smack weapons
  •  Some bots are aggressive and will target other bots (this feature is most likely temporary and will not be in the final build)
  •  Many other various features


  •  Fixed issues where quick prayers/prayers were not being reset when needed
  •  Fixed issue where autocast was not being reset when needed
  •  Fixed some issues with starter activity
  •  Changing levels above your current level will skip skill checks
  •  Changing prayer or defence will now check for quick-prayers
  •  Presets will now check for quick-prayers
  •  Fixed issue with tabs being locked after walking out of bank or stores
  •  Random gear has be revised and is now fully working
  •  Bunch of default gear have been modified for better use
  •  Fixed up bonuses for a few items
  •  Made some adjustments to multiple stores
  •  Fixed some minor issues with quick-prayers
  •  Charms & loot keys from pks will now drop at the correct moment
  •  Fixed issue with mithril seeds
  •  Commands are no longer case sensitive
  •  Banker at gambling zone now works
  •  Activating quick gear from the tab will no longer change your prayer book
  •  Fixed an issue with chat message lengths
  •  Teleportation tabs have been added
  •  Fixed some issues with our chat buffer
  •  Fixed issue with incorrect combat levels
  •  Added support for climbing up/door ladders
  •  Added support for pulling levers
  •  Added access to King black dragon's lair (lever, ladders)
  •  Added access to mage bank
  •  Added web slashing



As most of you know, skilling is not a vital component to a PvP server. In fact, if done incorrectly it could impact the economy in a way that would devalue PvP. So for the last week I have set out to find a viable way to introduce skilling, and I have come up with the following:

There will be a dedicated skilling area, Miscellenia. This will facilitate all the needs and requirements for a complete skilling experience. Experience & harvest rates are increased when skilling here. This area is fully safe, there will be no PvP.  For the economy part of skilling, I have created a task-based system for each skill which yields different rewards.

Skills will be worked on in the background while we focus on the main aspect of our server and there will be no ETA when it will be fully completed.


  •    All hatchets working (bronze - dragon)
  •    All main trees are available to cut (dead, normal, oaks, yews, etc)
  •    Trees have different log yields and rates
  •    Formula for calculating harvest rate according to tree type, hatchet type and skill level    
  •    Birds nest will randomly drop when chopping down a tree
  •    Chopping down cursed trees have a 20% chance of inflicting poison damage
  •    Chopping down dream trees have a 5% chance of putting you to sleep for 3 seconds


  •    All logs are available to burn
  •    After 1 minute fires will turn into ashes
  •    Can not create fires on other fires or in certain areas
  •    Added bonfires support at specific locations
  •    Ability to use firelighters on logs to change it's color (requires levels)
  •    Burning colored logs have custom experience rates


  •     Ability to mine all ores
  •     Ability to prospect all ores
  •     All pickaxe types
  •     Ores found in skilling zone can be configured to yield ores of your choice
  •     When mining ores in skilling zone, there is a 10% chance of being frozen
  •     Added gem rocks (yield different types of uncut gems)



  • Added the ability to pick flax
  • Added the ability to pick tomatoes & cabbage
















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Sick update mate 🙂 Progress is huuugggeeee 🙂

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Good job devs. Such good progress!

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15 hours ago, Deehask said:

Combat be hella fresh 

Gonna be the best around! 😄

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On 2/18/2021 at 12:23 AM, Yuuji said:

Gonna be the best around! 😄


I hope so. It's a big down fall with many rsps

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2 minutes ago, Seb said:


I hope so. It's a big down fall with many rsps

I agree with this 100% mate! Yoko and Exa have done wonderfully so far. You all will be pleased, I know it! 😄

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