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Official Game Rules

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Battle614 Official Rules

Please be sure to read all the rules carefully, as we have little tolerance for those who break rules. We want to ensure a safe and friendly space to all of our players. Punishment severity will be given based off what staff deem fit. 


#1 Offensive Language & Discrimination

You are not allowed to use language that may be considered offensive or obscene. This includes excessive swearing, spamming, or harassment of any kind. You are not allowed to discriminate against others due to race, religious beliefs, gender expression, age or anything else that may make someone feel uncomfortable, isolated or unwanted on Battle614. 

#2 Staff Impersonation

Impersonating a Battle614 staff member is strictly prohibited. A permanent ban will be given if caught doing so.

#3 Spamming

Spamming on Battle614 isn't allowed. Mutes will be handed out accordingly, permanent mutes will be given if continued.

#4 Advertising

Advertising any other RSPS that isn't Battle614 is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply will result in an immediate removal from the community with no chance of appeal.

#5 Real World Trading

The act of purchasing or selling in-game items for real world money will not be tolerated on Battle614. Failure to comply will result in the seller and the buyer being permanently banned. 


DDOSing or doxing a member of the Battle614 community is a severe offence which will absolutely not be tolerated. Not only is this against our game rules it is a crime in the real world. Those who choose to break this rule will be immediately banned and further legal punishment may be inflicted.

#7 Luring

Luring is not something we plan on controlling unless it is done over the yell or in some other broadcasting form. Doing so will result in a jail or mute.

#8 Fraudulent Accounts or Credit Cards

Using a fake payment method to donate towards Battle614 is strictly not allowed and is also a real life crime. We do not tolerate such actions and will result in an immediate ban and further legal punishment may be inflicted.

#9 Macros, Bots, or Third Party Software

Any third party software/hardware that gives you an unfair advantage or influences the game in any shape or form is against our rules and could result in an a permanent ban or an account reset depending on the severity. 

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Rules have been updated.

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