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[ June 20 2021 ] Game Updates - Battle Tournaments, Gambling, Rune Pouch & More!


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  • Barrows drop rate rewards were increased
  • Killing a player or bot will now restore special attack
  • Lost item collections now has an available coffer. Players may deposit BP into it which will auto purchase items on death and send it straight back into the inventory
  • Prevented rolling dices in the main Battle614 clan chat
  • Removed the dialogue for bank starter on tutorial, now will be prompted on opening bank for the first time 
  • Removed the dialogue for weapon loans on starter, now will be given a weapon loan box in inventory
  • Added a merchant at home who will purchase most BP items for a fraction of their original price
  • Examining a NPC will open it's drop table


Economy Rebalancing

  • Base Battle points have been increased on kills while other modifiers have been decreased
  • Prices in the BP store have been adjusted
  • Slaughter store prices have been adjusted
  • Achievement BP rewards were increased
  • Certain items have been removed from the BP to increase it's rarity



  • Fixes some minor issues with custom gear
  • Carried wealth will no longer factor untradeables
  • Fixed issue with being able to break away from tutorial
  • Clan wars area is now a safe-zone
  • Fixed wilderness icon on resize mode
  • Weapons loans will now be sent straight back into inventory on death
  • Fixed issue with auto-casting barrage
  • Fixed a bug with casting vengeance
  • Fixed an issue with stacking prayers via quick-prayers
  • Fixed issue with collection log not properly tracking chest loots
  • Fixed issue for death mechanics with created items


Rune Pouch

  • Can now exchange a rune pouch note for a rune pouch
  • Created an interface for the rune pouch
  • Can deposit up to 3 different types of runes into the pouch
  • Can withdraw runes out of the pouch
  • Having runes in the pouch will trigger the interface scripts showing that you do have the runes
  • Casting spells will remove runes from the pouch


NPC Drop Viewer

  • Made an interface to view all available NPC drops with their rarity
  • Can search NPC list by either the NPC name or Item name
  • Examining a NPC will automatically open the interface


Battle Tournament

  • Every 3 hours a battle tournament will commence
  • Minimum of 10 players to start and a maximum capacity of 60 players 


    Gear Voting

  •         Players can access the gear screen to view all gear options
  •         Every tournament will select 6 random gear sets for players to choose from
  •         Players can vote on their preferred gear (maximum 1 vote per player)
  •         The tournament will select the gear with the most votes
  •         If there is a tie or no votes are submitted then a random gear set will be chosen


  •         Players will be randomly matched up with another player
  •         If there is an odd number of players then one player will sit out for a round
  •         Players will have 5 minutes to defeat their opponent
  •         If no player dies within the 5 minutes then the player that has dealt the most damage will move on to the next round
  •         If neither player deals any damage then both players will be disqualified from the tournament
  •         Once once of the players have died they will need to wait until all other matches are finished
  •         Once all matches are finished players will be re-assigned a new opponent until there is one player left
  •         On the final round a different map will be chosen
  •         Tournament fully supports players logging out, resulting in a disqualification

    Tournament Viewing/Spectating

  •         Once a tournament is active players may watch any active match by clicking on the portal
  •         Once in the viewing state the player will be invisible and will not be able to effect the match in any way
  •         Players can move around while spectating for the most optimal viewing experience
  •         Players can leave the viewing session or select a new match to view at anytime
  •         The tournament viewing interface is updated live when viewing


  •         Players will receive 5,000 BP for every match won
  •         The winner will be given bonus BP + an exotic or rare key depending on the tournament length


  • Made a primary gambling session interface
  • Made a secondary gambling session interface
  • Gambling activities will continue if a player disconnects or x-logs their client
  • Gambling pots will be displayed in an interface, which is secured in case of a client disconnect


5 available gambling games 

  •     55x2 You/ 55x2 Other - Specified host where the odds are 55x2 in their favor. Must have a dice bag to host
  •     Dice Battle - Both members roll the dice, highest number wins the round. First one to win 3 rounds gets the pot. Both must own dice bag
  •     Flowers - Plants down 5 seeds, following traditional flower mechanics. Each plant cost 1 seed and requires a minimum of 5 seeds for a round. The activity will restart if both players do not have any pairs and still have available seeds
  •     Bot Battle - Both players will have a bot spawned in their name to fight for them. Ability to change the bots attack styles. First bot to kill the other bot wins. Both must have a bot coin 























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wheres the scyte fix? letting me get scammd for a mill

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  1. rune pouch scrollstilldoesnt do shit so u scammd me for 5k wild shards
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also voting not owrkin?

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Some good updates and fixes. Well done team. 

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