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[ June 12 2021 ] Game Updates - Beta #1


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Beta was officially rolled out yesterday, and it is with great pleasure that I can say it went really smoothly. Of course, we had our issues here and there but it wasn't anything that we couldn't handle. I will say however, we did not expect so many people to show up! We had over 80 registered accounts into the game and 71 forum accounts created on day one! That on its own means a lot to me and the Battle614 team, so we would like to formally thank all of you that showed up and reported suggestions and bugs.


In return, we wasted no time in fixing as many issues as we could along with adding QOL improvements to the game.



  • Players are now limited to two accounts per IP
  • Entering 5 invalid password will now lock you IP for 5 minutes
  • Updating the server will now properly log out all players before disconnecting


  • There is now a gear gap check in the grand exchange PvP area. Players can only attack each other here if their value is between 500,000 BP
  • A lot more items were added to the free BP store
  • Added a lot more informational dialogues
  • An item spawner interface was added and can now be accessible by typing '::item 1333' or '::item rune'
  • The command '::accuracy' was added which can be toggled on and off and will display your accuracy & DPS rolls against your opponent

Bug Fixes

  • Teleporting will now clear incoming damage
  • Valuable items can no longer be dropped while in combat
  • Fixed various issues with the item loaning system
  • Fixed issues with spawning restricted items via the gear manager
  • When activating a gear set spawnable items will not be deposited into the bank
  • Eating food delay has been correctly fixed
  • Fixed issue with player killing messages
  • Bots will now consume food at a lower HP
  • Bounty hunter crater is now fully multi
  • Fixed wilderness obelisk checking for wilderness level 
  • Fixed wilderness levers checking for wilderness level
  • Fixed all defender requirements
  • Reduced the amount of karambwans given in the bank starter
  • Fixed tabs not being reset when access presets from the bank interface
  • Fixed issue with loot chest not calculating the correct about of needed space when withdrawing into the inventory
  • Runecrafting abyss is not a safe-zone
  • Fixed revenant hellhound HP level
  • Fixed some incorrect animations with the revenants
  • Decreased the store price for the cursed book

Client Fixes

  • Fixed accessing DirectX display mode
  • Changed all depreciated RS links to redirect to the Battle614 website
  • Fixed player indicators not updating when you remove a friend
  • Fixed issue where using the scroll wheel on an interface would sometimes crash
  • Certain plugins are now disabled by default to prevent overwhelming screen clutter




We will keep updating and improving the game as the days go on, to ensure a greatly successful launch!

Kind Regards,

Battle614 Administration

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YOO sick updates bro, really loving beta so far 😃

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Well done, love the updates and content. 

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