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    I'm a bit of a graphic's guru, hoping to see a Graphic's Section on the forums in the near future. Let me know if anyone will be interested in graphics, I may open a shop! ❤️🖌️
  2. Started on some old silab servers with friends and then Dodian back in 2008ish! PwnXile was probably one of my favourites as well as Creative-Scape, I just wish I could bring back all my tinypic images I had on my old laptop but that's almost a decade old.. 🥴
  3. I have sent @Yuuji and @Yoko information about Setup. He is not to be trusted and is a major risk to players if he holds any sort of staff position. I will not go into further detail with this community about your past, but as long as the staff here are aware that's all that matters.