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  1. The developer of divinity614 really did a solid fixing the combat system (from fatality614). First the combat system was made very good, then he fixed diagonal combat, noclipping, pathing system and added wolpertingers. Like I said before, the server had no content, no PvM, no tournaments. It remained active because it was really really good for hybriding/tribriding. Although it did take a while for it to progress to becoming good; it was originally fatality614 which relates more to what you described playing. This is when it was good:
  2. On Divinity614 stacking was common but it was without the granite maul because it wasn't needed to get kills. The difference with hybrid stacking on 614 and 317 is that you can barrage a 440 in arcane stream, staff of light and wolpertinger on 614 while a staff of light, imbued god cape and occult necklace max hits a 35/350. The max health on 614 is 113 and on Osrs it's 121. Barrage hit also delayed slightly on 614. Players are not camping 113 hp because they rely on soulsplit to sustain them through a fight. Here is an example of how you can stack on 614 https://
  3. I'll be posting screenshots of how the wilderness became due to all items being accessible through coin/token shop. Maybe developers will rethink a shop like this: This is a glimpse of divinity614, the last active 614 server that died out years ago. Divinity614 was re-made fatality614 with a better economy. Fatality614 had a similar problem but much worse but the owner adjusted this by making certain spawnable items have value, divine donator only among other things to deal with the problems of fatality614. Still, given a couple of months with eco inflation everyb
  4. I made an example in discord about end-game items in the economy on another very active PvP eco-spawn server. Ancestral is available in the store and you can autobuy it for sell-back value through the trade post. Elysian SS is locked behind Corporal Beast, you can't buy it from the Donator shop or Coin shop. This is what will happen to every item made available through shops. In the wilderness it's common to see people use ancestral, very rarely do you see players with an Elysian though. I haven't seen if PvM is going to be a big part of this server but if it is it would
  5. Keep in mind the official game itself (runescape) implemented soaking into their later revisions to deal with combat, for example: With all the greater combat items being added the max hit became higher and higher to the point you could hit 90s/900s. The way OSRS and servers are it's becoming increasingly similar to how pre-eoc RS became, people are able to combo 121 hp with Ags+maul, the new standard for pking on OSRS is to always have a greenbar or you risk dying. This isn't how a 614 revision should be. Fatality614/Divinity614 was a good server for PvP because things wer