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  1. I first got introduced to rsps around 2010 but never really got into it until early 2012. First ever server I played was some 317 custom server where I grinded for some rainbow wings 6 hours a day.
  2. Lynch

    Monk's graphics

    Welcome Monk my brother. +1 actually talented guy
  3. Came across this banger again!
  4. Good updates, glad I was able to contribute to the alpha a lil :) looking out for Beta
  5. congratz to both my guys, more then deserved. Much love to both of these idiots 😛
  6. recently found this song, a fucking banger
  7. -------Additional Suggestions----------- 1. I just noticed that something useful and slightly more relevant section like "Player support" is under the clan section lol? Player support should be listed within top 3 sections and not come last on the website. 2. As Panda mentioned under this post as well, Him and me found some smaller bugs and css issues with the mobile website that need adjusting/fixing. For example the nav bar, or the Profile bar being bugged out after the first two options. These things most likely occurred due to this forum being most
  8. Hello, I have been looking at the forums for a while and I have found some things that are bugging me personally. These are simple things that can be changed within max 10-15 minutes by using the IPS plug-ins / editing tools. 1. First things first, every section has been given a description as in "post ur Battlescape media in here" etc except for two sections. which are the feedback and report sections. I know its nothing major but if you going to have it for every other section might as well have it for these two as well. 2.
  9. Nice some decent work has been put it. Good job