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  1. Good luck with application
  2. That’ll do nicely. We’ve got about 10-15 active and a further 10-15 who would play with us if whatever we’re playing is active.
  3. I would say there should be 3 tiers of drops Tier 1 Anyone to deal more than 250 damage Tier 2 Anyone to deal more than 750 damage Tier 3 Most damage dealt Each reward tiered respectively Sick update Yoko.
  4. Seb

    [Little sneak peak]

    I love the RL features, or shall we call them the Bladex features haha
  5. I and I would hope most people would agree with you. Just gotta find the balance between P2W ruining the economy and deterring new players to donations having no value and therefore pointless.
  6. Seb

    OSRS Items

    We're talking fata/divinity, like 7+ years ago..... Shit's different now lol. Anyway, just wait till the games up then we can judge the combat ourselves.
  7. I hope so. It's a big down fall with many rsps
  8. I like a lot of that to be fair but yea YouTube him haha you’ll hate it. It’s the most chavvy English mc ever😂😂😂
  9. Seb

    irl motor x

    Let’s see your irl motor. This is mine.
  10. Yeah and then there is no actual value to the items, it just becomes the ‘norm’ of pking. I wanna see people bridding in mystics and ahrims, not everyone in max.
  11. Seb

    OSRS Items

    I’m not that familiar with faceguard, but I always thought it was just the equivalent of Statius full helm. Zenyte jewellery is pointless tho. We got... Arcane stream necklace instead of torm brace Amulet of ranging instead of anguish Fury / Blood necklace instead of torture Ring of suffering is a bit pointless no? Like I doubt there is much of a gap in any set up that would really need the suffering.