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  1. C rapier & C crossbow. Using these 2 in a NH fight felt so satisfying. Especially the rapier when you surprise stab them in the stomach for a 400+ hit🥰
  2. Yeah I agree, like the first actual SAO arc was the most enjoyable IMO. After that they just removed the risk factor which made it into a meh anime. Newer seasons of SAO have amazing art, but the story is just so/so.
  3. * Tbh, Attack on Titan is worth taking the time sitting for. Perhaps wait for the last season to finish, so u can go for a full on binge mode. Mainly because when you start and you actually get into it, you don't want to stop. * You are literally the first person I've heard of who enjoyed SAO2 more than the first season. I don't think any of the other seasons are bad though, they are enjoyable to watch and you might enjoy the seasons that follow up 🙂 * Any question you want answered before starting the Overlord journey, feel free to hmu! I actually took the time to fix MAL, s
  4. I suppose I can't be left out of this hehe. To start off with some animes that might fit your previous interests: Boku no Hero Acaademia - As you are watching quite some shounen with action, I can't leave this one out. Has quite some seasons already so u have enough to watch. Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) - Shounen, hella lot of action, hella lot of overpowered characters. I truly enjoyed this, and the characters make it a fun and badass experience. There are quite some seasons to watch, and some are better than the other. Just take a quick peek if you have the chanc
  5. Hi there, I never did a proper introduction. Kingcross is the name, friends often call me Ric. I've played some rsps before, prefered 614's. Did some nhing, so I'm always down for that. Will be online if I've got the time, so we'll see each other online at one point. Ah yeah, always down to talk about anime aswell.
  6. Let's start a one-sided domination again. Glad to be back with the boys tho.