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  1. I'll let it slide 😉❤️ Kinda took him out back and showed him a real good time, you know how it is.
  2. Please use the following format next time, or else others will follow your example: Just make additional points to each one if necessary. OT: I support all of these 🙂
  3. Absolute banger of an update post Yoko! 😄 I wonder who slaved doing all of those OSRS items?! 😉
  4. Yuuji

    [Little sneak peak]

    That's one way to put it 😂 Dudes doing great work 😄
  5. Yuuji

    [Anime] Suggestions

    One Piece is sooo good. It's a shame so many people push it aside, because of how long it is (I was one of those people for a long time). I just haven't gave AOT a good honest shot. I will absolutely be making my way around too it!
  6. I agree with this 100% mate! Yoko and Exa have done wonderfully so far. You all will be pleased, I know it! 😄
  7. Yuuji

    [Anime] Suggestions

    Currently watching Fire Force, since a buddy of mine recommended it. It's different, but pretty good honestly.
  8. Gonna be the best around! 😄
  9. #BetaHype They don't even know what's coming 😄