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  1. Big update like usual, Good stuff beta coming soon boys!
  2. Welcome Aboard @Panda Yuuji only got Admin because he beat Yoko in 1v1 Kappa In all seriousness well deserved @Yuujicant wait to see what this server will become from the expansion of the team and community
  3. Forest

    irl motor x

    I got a Honda Civic 2013 What it looks like Except no Vtec and not an Si Model, If I can't drive manual! F*ck that homie
  4. Hey there champ here is a sneak peak to your kingdom @BigBoiBets
  5. True Spoken words. Exabyte and Yoko worked intensively on the combat. Alpha and Beta testing is where they will grind down all the final touchups to make sure the combat is flawless. Be sure to link your discord and get everything setup for the beta
  6. As for the OSRS items, they won't over power items that are in the 614 Revision. Its just the fact to give more diversity and have people from different revisions come enjoy Battle614, I have faith that the Developers if it comes time to add OSRS items they won't be putting so many items to the point it becomes a 317. Nonetheless appreciate the input you aren't being left unheard
  7. Wonder where there spot will be to be hosting as a majority of the server is pk 🤔
  8. Much what they said is true, From last I spoke with Yoko; Primal, Celestial, and Sagittarian are not final that they will be in the server. They could be cosmetic as much as locked in areas. Nothing is said in stone and we appreciate your input and view for the eco. Make sure you register to beta to see what we have to offer and provide us any input to assist in the transition from beta to live server. See you then 🙂
  9. I support this, It will give a lot diversity to the server and allow players from all revisions to enjoy the pking server.
  10. Welcome aboard m8
  11. Forest


    Welcome Goke
  12. Forest

    Hi :)

    Can't wait to see you and your boys in the wild, Welcome m8
  13. Forest

    sup x

    Hola Comrade