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  1. Amazing update, good work 😄
  2. Congratulations you guys 😄
  3. While I was staff on Zenyte, I didn't disrespect players or staff until i left. I later resigned because I was busy with work. I had resigned from Zaros before due to my move between states and didn't receive my PC for a month. Also, I'm not bonucing between staff ranks. I was a Forum Mod for Zenyte in the summer of 2019 until about the end of 2019. I was a Mod for Zaros beginning in November 2020. Feel free to say whatever you like about me, but please know what the facts are first before doing so. Thanks.
  4. Name: Jeff IGN: Setup Age: 21 Your Location: United States Estimated Average Amount Of Activity (Per Week): 15+ Hours Why Should U Receive This Position: I believe I am knowledegable in both game mechanics and managemental aspects. I am someone that continues to provide a friendly atmosphere, assists others with problems, and listens to other people's concerns. I take constructive critism into account and adjust myself to better fit any role I'm put in to. Previous Staff Experience: • Fr
  5. Support for every suggestion.
  6. I agree with adding these OSRS items onto the server. Adding the OSRS items that are obviously an upgraded version of items we already have in-game, such as upgrading Dragon Boots to Primordial Boots, would be nice as well. +1
  7. Server is coming along nicely, good work 🙂
  8. Setup

    [Anime] Suggestions

    I enjoyed the original Sword Art Online (episodes 1 to 17(?)) and have rewatched it way too many times. S2 is a bit lame, SAO GGO spinoff was cute and loved tiny anime girls using guns, and the newer seasons of SAO are a bit weird imo
  9. Setup

    [Anime] Suggestions

    MyAnimeList Since you seem to be a fan of most shounen and action animes, I went through my list and picked out a few of ones I would recommend. I will also include links to the MAL page for each anime, so you can read a little more about them before you decide: Akame ga Kill - murderous "villian" organization (big recommend) Aldnoah Zero - big robots fighting each others with human pilots (cool story) Grisaia no Kajitsu - super bad ass guy that's good with weapons and hand to hand combat Owari no Seraph - fighting vampires - good story,
  10. Setup


    Hey Battle614, My name is Setup, 21 years old, and currently studying Japanese and web development programming. My goals are to create open minded web apps that help assist you with your everyday tasks, and I want to become fluent in Japanese. I usually get along with most people, so feel free to reach out and start a conversation with me. Hope to see some of you around 🙂