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  1. I know it has been quite a while since the last update post however, we took on the challenge of re-structuring the way regions were loaded which took quite a significant amount of time. Things are starting to look good and everyday we are getting closer to beta. I know everyone is eagerly waiting the release of beta but we want to make sure that everything is up to expectation. There isn't much left before we can roll it out so stay patient! Death Completely re-wrote the death mechanics for better efficiency Re-wrote the calculations for dropping items on death P
  2. This is fine the way it is. OT: I've fixed a few of the issues that I could without touching code, since you know, not my field :D
  3. The area around the gazer is wilderness so players can be attacked. These events are mostly made for clans to compete for an objective. When we get around to completing combat for npcs we have plans on populating the wilderness with various different bosses which will help earn BP. As it stands, the best way to make BP is simply killing other players while doing slayer/achievements.
  4. Three weeks ago I had posted a poll regarding bringing a select few items from OSRS into our economy. A lot of people participated in the discussion and a lot of great points were made regarding the pros and cons. Fortunately, there was an overwhelming amount of votes in supporting the decision of adding the items. I would like to thank everyone who engaged in the community decision. This update will contain the OSRS items. Fishing All fishing spots are available to fishing Proper checks for bait and tools Added to skill pass Rocktail & karambwan ca
  5. The poll has been running longer than originally planned to give everyone a chance to say their piece. Time has come to close the poll and consider the votes. We will be incorporating OSRS items. We will be doing a lot of testing with these items into the economy to make sure that everything is still balanced (as best as we can since 614s are notorious for things being too OP). I would like to thank everyone that contributed to the discussion! /closed
  6. Life-saving tutorial right here man. ✌️
  7. 10 atm, probably will increase the slots for donators in the future
  8. Attracting a certain player base at launch and then switching it up end up bad in most cases. Gotta set the standard from the start
  9. #1 goal is keeping this server up and running for a long time =)
  10. Rules have been updated.
  11. Donator Benefits (WIP) Ranks are automatically determined by the total amount of money that has been spent. When opening a donation scroll, the value of the scroll will be added to your current value and you will be upgraded if permitted. The Donator interface is located in the settings tab; here you have options for specific toggles and features which are only useable by donators Donator | $10 Access to the donator zone Ability to yell every 20 seconds 11 Available gear slots 10% special attack increase on kill Ability to us
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    Ayee Audi gaaang. Nice car man. Currently driving a 06 A4, looking to upgrade to an STI soon :)