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Friday August 6th 2021 | 6:00 PM (UTC)
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  • Fletching skill has been fully added including the skill pass


Slayer Overhaul

  • Removed the ability of obtaining player or bot killing tasks, will now be limited to npcs only
  • When selecting a task you have the option of selecting a regular (weak low level monsters), boss, or wilderness task
  • Re-made the slayer interface
  • Added a bunch of new slayer perks
  • Tons of npcs have been scattered around the world with drop tables and combat strategies
  • Slayer cave has been added which has abyssal demons, gargoyles, hellhounds, mithril dragons and more
  • Interacting with the slayer gem has an option for teleporting you as close as possible to your task






Slaughter Overhaul

  • Slaughter tokens can now be acquired by completing a slaughter mission
  • Slaughter missions contain 6 total assignments that must be completed
  • Each slaughter mission will consist of 2 wilderness tasks, 2 player killing tasks, and 2 bot killing tasks
  • Players have the ability to re-roll their slaughter missions with a maximum of 1 per day
  • Re-rolling a slaughter mission will reset your mission streak which impacts token gains
  • Slaughter shop reward prices have all been changed and various new items were introduced
  • Made a new interface for displaying slaughter missions







Well of Goodwill

  • A well has been added to the skilling zone
  • Created an interface for the well
  • Contributing BP to the well will give a global experience boost while in the skilling zone
  • Can contribute items by using it on the well





  • The base system for summoning has been written
  • Proper BoB mechanics (depositing, withdrawals, deaths, dismissals)
  • Proper familiar renewal
  • Proper familiar recall
  • Familiars that forage have not been added
  • Added the ability to make summoning pouches
  • Added the ability to transform summoning pouches into scrolls
    • The following familiars were added with full dialogues, combat definitions, specials, passives, and level boosts (some familiar abilities were not added as they weren't useful enough):
      • Abyssal lurker
      • Abyssal parasite
      • Abyssal titan
      • Bronze minotaur
      • Iron minotaur
      • Steel minotaur
      • Mithril minotaur
      • Adamant minotaur
      • Rune minotaur
      • Buniyp
      • Dreadfowl
      • Granite lobster
      • Hydra
      • Magpie
      • Pack yak
      • Spirit terrorbird
      • Spirit wolf
      • Steel titan
      • Unicorn stallion
      • War tortoise
      • Wolpertinger
      • Arctic bear
      • Albino rat
      • Barker toad
      • Bull ant
      • Phoenix
      • Giant chinchompa
      • Thorny snail
      • Praying mantis
      • Talon beast
      • Smoke devil
      • Lava titan
      • Geyser titan
      • Swamp titan
      • Iron titan












  • Monsters (typically bosses) with high health will now drop boss tickets which can be used in the bossing store
  • Battle mages have been added to the center of mage bank (can only be attacked with magic) 
  • Illuminiscent icefiends have been added in the deep snowy part of the wilderness and drop very good loot
  • Necromancer has been added as a custom replacement for the crazy archeologist
  • Bork has been added (spawn, definition, drops)
  • Rock crabs have been added (spawns, definitions, drops)
  • Red and blue dragons have been added (spawns, definitions, drops)
  • Iron, steel and mithril dragons have been added (spawns, definitions, drops)
  • Gargoyles have been added (spawns, definitions, drops)
  • Abyssal demons have been added (spawns, definitions, drops)
  • Dark beasts have been added (spawns, definitions, drops)
  • Bloodvelds have been added (spawns, definitions, drops)
  • Hill and fire giants have been added (spawns, definitions, drops)
  • Hellhounds have been added (spawns, definitions, drops)
  • Greater demons have been added (spawns, definitions, drops)
    • Godwars:
      • Added direct teleports to each of the bosses
      • Kill counts will not be required to enter the room
      • Godwars dungeon is entirely multi and a PvP zone
      • Armadyl room was added (Kree'Arra and minions along with their correct definitions, strategies and drops)
      • Saradomin room was added (Commander zilyana and minions along with their correct definitions, strategies and drops)
      • Bandos room was added (General graardor and minions along with their correct definitions, strategies and drops)
      • Zamorak room was added (K'ril tsutsaroth and minions along with their correct definitions, strategies and drops)
      • Achievements and collection logs were added for each other bosses














Looting Bag

  • Created the looting bag interface
  • Ability to store items when in a pvp or wilderness zone
  • Ability to change the depositing settings
  • Ability to quick-deposit all contents when near a bank area
  • Ability to deposit items manually while banking
  • Having the looting bag open will deposit picked up items directly into it if space is available








  • Achievements have been completely overhauled as the previous system was very lacking and boring
  • Completely re-made the achievement tab & overview interface
  • Achievements now have specific item rewards for completing a tier level
  • Over 200 achievement tiers have been added






  • Amethyst arrows have been added (items & graphics)
  • Created proper graphics for runite bolts (it never existed all bolts used the same graphic)
  • All dragonstone bolts have been added (items, graphics, effects)
  • Edgeville is now completely a safezone
  • Edgeville has been populated with npcs and is now a home location option
  • Added the underground shortcut for edegeville to grand exchange
  • Telekinetic magic spell has been added







  • Fixed an issue where players could stop the loot runners by standing in front of them
  • Fixed issue with inquisitor skill requirements
  • Fixed issue with curses melee giving adamant berserker shield (35 defence requirement)
  • Fixed issue with picking up items when in combat
  • Fixed issue when leveling up hitpoints
  • Fixed issue with dialogues not clearing properly when activating a new dialogues
  • Fixed issues with dialogue animations/expressions




  • Wrote a new custom system to handle global broadcast messages
  • Client now saves settings properly






  • Barrows drop rate rewards were increased
  • Killing a player or bot will now restore special attack
  • Lost item collections now has an available coffer. Players may deposit BP into it which will auto purchase items on death and send it straight back into the inventory
  • Prevented rolling dices in the main Battle614 clan chat
  • Removed the dialogue for bank starter on tutorial, now will be prompted on opening bank for the first time 
  • Removed the dialogue for weapon loans on starter, now will be given a weapon loan box in inventory
  • Added a merchant at home who will purchase most BP items for a fraction of their original price
  • Examining a NPC will open it's drop table


Economy Rebalancing

  • Base Battle points have been increased on kills while other modifiers have been decreased
  • Prices in the BP store have been adjusted
  • Slaughter store prices have been adjusted
  • Achievement BP rewards were increased
  • Certain items have been removed from the BP to increase it's rarity



  • Fixes some minor issues with custom gear
  • Carried wealth will no longer factor untradeables
  • Fixed issue with being able to break away from tutorial
  • Clan wars area is now a safe-zone
  • Fixed wilderness icon on resize mode
  • Weapons loans will now be sent straight back into inventory on death
  • Fixed issue with auto-casting barrage
  • Fixed a bug with casting vengeance
  • Fixed an issue with stacking prayers via quick-prayers
  • Fixed issue with collection log not properly tracking chest loots
  • Fixed issue for death mechanics with created items


Rune Pouch

  • Can now exchange a rune pouch note for a rune pouch
  • Created an interface for the rune pouch
  • Can deposit up to 3 different types of runes into the pouch
  • Can withdraw runes out of the pouch
  • Having runes in the pouch will trigger the interface scripts showing that you do have the runes
  • Casting spells will remove runes from the pouch


NPC Drop Viewer

  • Made an interface to view all available NPC drops with their rarity
  • Can search NPC list by either the NPC name or Item name
  • Examining a NPC will automatically open the interface


Battle Tournament

  • Every 3 hours a battle tournament will commence
  • Minimum of 10 players to start and a maximum capacity of 60 players 


    Gear Voting

  •         Players can access the gear screen to view all gear options
  •         Every tournament will select 6 random gear sets for players to choose from
  •         Players can vote on their preferred gear (maximum 1 vote per player)
  •         The tournament will select the gear with the most votes
  •         If there is a tie or no votes are submitted then a random gear set will be chosen


  •         Players will be randomly matched up with another player
  •         If there is an odd number of players then one player will sit out for a round
  •         Players will have 5 minutes to defeat their opponent
  •         If no player dies within the 5 minutes then the player that has dealt the most damage will move on to the next round
  •         If neither player deals any damage then both players will be disqualified from the tournament
  •         Once once of the players have died they will need to wait until all other matches are finished
  •         Once all matches are finished players will be re-assigned a new opponent until there is one player left
  •         On the final round a different map will be chosen
  •         Tournament fully supports players logging out, resulting in a disqualification

    Tournament Viewing/Spectating

  •         Once a tournament is active players may watch any active match by clicking on the portal
  •         Once in the viewing state the player will be invisible and will not be able to effect the match in any way
  •         Players can move around while spectating for the most optimal viewing experience
  •         Players can leave the viewing session or select a new match to view at anytime
  •         The tournament viewing interface is updated live when viewing


  •         Players will receive 5,000 BP for every match won
  •         The winner will be given bonus BP + an exotic or rare key depending on the tournament length


  • Made a primary gambling session interface
  • Made a secondary gambling session interface
  • Gambling activities will continue if a player disconnects or x-logs their client
  • Gambling pots will be displayed in an interface, which is secured in case of a client disconnect


5 available gambling games 

  •     55x2 You/ 55x2 Other - Specified host where the odds are 55x2 in their favor. Must have a dice bag to host
  •     Dice Battle - Both members roll the dice, highest number wins the round. First one to win 3 rounds gets the pot. Both must own dice bag
  •     Flowers - Plants down 5 seeds, following traditional flower mechanics. Each plant cost 1 seed and requires a minimum of 5 seeds for a round. The activity will restart if both players do not have any pairs and still have available seeds
  •     Bot Battle - Both players will have a bot spawned in their name to fight for them. Ability to change the bots attack styles. First bot to kill the other bot wins. Both must have a bot coin 

























Beta was officially rolled out yesterday, and it is with great pleasure that I can say it went really smoothly. Of course, we had our issues here and there but it wasn't anything that we couldn't handle. I will say however, we did not expect so many people to show up! We had over 80 registered accounts into the game and 71 forum accounts created on day one! That on its own means a lot to me and the Battle614 team, so we would like to formally thank all of you that showed up and reported suggestions and bugs.


In return, we wasted no time in fixing as many issues as we could along with adding QOL improvements to the game.



  • Players are now limited to two accounts per IP
  • Entering 5 invalid password will now lock you IP for 5 minutes
  • Updating the server will now properly log out all players before disconnecting


  • There is now a gear gap check in the grand exchange PvP area. Players can only attack each other here if their value is between 500,000 BP
  • A lot more items were added to the free BP store
  • Added a lot more informational dialogues
  • An item spawner interface was added and can now be accessible by typing '::item 1333' or '::item rune'
  • The command '::accuracy' was added which can be toggled on and off and will display your accuracy & DPS rolls against your opponent

Bug Fixes

  • Teleporting will now clear incoming damage
  • Valuable items can no longer be dropped while in combat
  • Fixed various issues with the item loaning system
  • Fixed issues with spawning restricted items via the gear manager
  • When activating a gear set spawnable items will not be deposited into the bank
  • Eating food delay has been correctly fixed
  • Fixed issue with player killing messages
  • Bots will now consume food at a lower HP
  • Bounty hunter crater is now fully multi
  • Fixed wilderness obelisk checking for wilderness level 
  • Fixed wilderness levers checking for wilderness level
  • Fixed all defender requirements
  • Reduced the amount of karambwans given in the bank starter
  • Fixed tabs not being reset when access presets from the bank interface
  • Fixed issue with loot chest not calculating the correct about of needed space when withdrawing into the inventory
  • Runecrafting abyss is not a safe-zone
  • Fixed revenant hellhound HP level
  • Fixed some incorrect animations with the revenants
  • Decreased the store price for the cursed book

Client Fixes

  • Fixed accessing DirectX display mode
  • Changed all depreciated RS links to redirect to the Battle614 website
  • Fixed player indicators not updating when you remove a friend
  • Fixed issue where using the scroll wheel on an interface would sometimes crash
  • Certain plugins are now disabled by default to prevent overwhelming screen clutter




We will keep updating and improving the game as the days go on, to ensure a greatly successful launch!

Kind Regards,

Battle614 Administration

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