Vote Boss

  • Once 50 server votes have been accumulated a vote boss will spawn
  • All players that deal a min of 50 damage will have a drop available to them
  • The highest damage dealer will receive bonus rewards
  • Achievement has been added for participating 
  • Vote boss spawn is in singles however, it can be attacked by everyone


Inquisitor Mace Special

  • Special attack uses 35% energy
  • Special has a bleed effect, which starts at 50 damage and is increased by 10 for each armour piece (maximum 80)
  • If all 3 armour pieces are equipped an addition 19 damage will be added to the bleed
  • Opponent will continuously bleed until have bled as much damage as they were hit for
  • Amulet can be purchased in the wilderness store or dropped from vote or world boss


Amulet of Blood fury

  • Amulet can be charged with wilderness shards (maximum 1,000 charges)
  • Any damage above 14 will heal you for 20% while removing a charge



  • Crate of bars has been added which contains random bars
  • Crate of ores has been added which contains random ores
  • Crate of logs has been added which contains random logs
  • Sack of fish has been added which contains random raw fish



  • Fixed issue with incorrect agility level message
  • Fixed issue where after manually completing the tutorial the prayer book would be unclickable
  • Fixed some spamming issues with the skill action
  • Fixed an issue with being able to claim tournament achievements when leaving the tournament



  • Few items were removed from the BP store
  • Few item prices were changed in the BP store
  • Few item prices were changed in the Wilderness store
  • Skeletal horror has gotten a massive stat reduction
  • Saradomin's blessed sword is no longer untradeable



  • Normal bank has had changes and fixes
  • Tutorial has been worked on and improved


Bounty Hunter

  • Stepping into the wilderness now has a chance to find and assign you a target to kill
  • Once you have obtained a target, if any player leaves the wilderness they have 2 minutes to return until the target is removed
  • Players can now upgrade ancient artifacts by killing their target.
  • If you kill your target without an artifact you will be dropped the lowest artifact
  • There are a total of 16 different artifacts which can be upgraded, all of which can be traded in for wilderness shards
  • Added the ability to minimize the bounty hunter icon
  • Added the ability to skip your current target
  • Target teleport tabs have been added to the wilderness store



  • Killstreaks that are higher than 5 will now have a bounty attached
  • Killing players with a killstreak bounty will add the value to their token drop


Equipment Charging

  • Wrote a proper system for handling different types of equipment with charges
  • Amulet of doubling has been implemented with the new charging system
  • Revenant bracelets now require wilderness shards in order for their effect to work



  • Summoning lair is now a safe-zone
  • Creating pouches/scrolls are now an instant action
  • Granite (5kg) has been added into the summoning store
  • A bank chest has been added near the summoning & runecrafting npcs
  • All summoning return portals will lead to the closer bank chest
  • Small, medium, large & giant essence pouches have been added to the store



  • Perdu will now prioritise coffer when claiming items manually
  • A bunch of new trivia questions have been added
  • Sprit shield and blessed spirit shield were added into the BP magic store
  • Attacking the world boss will now give a skull
  • Added a withdraw and deposit all button for the price checker interface
  • Passable barriers have been added to the bounty hunter safe-zone entrance
  • Slayer helmet effect for task npcs has been added
  • Dragon crossbow was added into the economy
  • BP kill & experience gained modifiers have been added when voting
  • A few more tournament gear sets have been added



  • All ancient artifacts are now tradeable
  • Made some changes to the killing of players/bots; slaughter missions, daily tasks will now be tracked at the moment of kill
  • Turmoil prayer has been given a nerf
  • All flasks in the BP supply shop will be noted on purchase
  • All spellbook teleports now require runes to be casted
  • Cancelling slayer tasks will now cost 10 points (new players get 5 free cancels)
  • Cursed book is no longer locked by wilderness shards and can be obtained by completing the tutorial
  • Clan wars lobby is not longer a safe-zone and the banker has been removed
  • World event rewards have been increased
  • Right half of fun-pk is now all multi
  • Starter whips will now spawn in default gear sets if available
  • Claiming votes now has a 12 hour delay to prevent farming
  • Twisted bow was given a slight buff
  • Tournaments will now save your quick prayers and will reset them once leaving the tournament
  • All gear set glories have changed to glory (4)



  • Fixed the teleport position for the necromancer task
  • Fixed issue with wilderness obelisk teleport destination being the same as previous location
  • Fixed requirement check for max and completionist capes
  • Fixed issue with safe-zone tiles in bounty hunter
  • Fixed issue with king black dragon area showing up as wilderness
  • Fixed issue with revenant achievement tracking revenants that aren't 100 cb or more
  • Volatile and eldritch nightmare staff will now give experience on special attack
  • Fixed volatile nightmare staff hit delays
  • Black listing is now ignored in the battle tournament



  • Shortcuts plugin was added for quick actions
  •  CTRL + B = Opens Bank
  •  CTRL + G = Opens Custom Gear
  •  CTRL + Q = Quickly gears account with most recently used preset


  • Extreme donators will now be able to auto-deposit wilderness shards into their inventory
  • Extreme donators will now be able to select the wilderness obelisk destination



  • WOG is now functional again
  • Added the ability to grind up chocolate and unicorn horn with the pestle and mortar



  • Granite pieces can now be found in the general armour store
  • Added a bunch of new slaughter missions
  • All chaotic weapons are now tradeable
  • Chaotic weapons will be broken if lost on death
  • Fixed issue with wrong impling levels
  • Increased slaughter mission BP & experience rewards



  • Elder chaos druids have been added around chaos temple (w achievements, slayer tasks, drop tables)
  • High-level revenants now have a chance to drop a wilderness loot key 



  • Perdu has been added to the home area
  • Perdu will repair all broken items for a cost
  • Perdu will now handle collecting lost items instead of Battle lord



  • Added prayer renewals
  • Healer has been added to most of the PvP cities
  • Added a bunch of new titles
  • Added some more teleport utility commands



  • Barrows items and chaotics will now break when lost on death
  • Maul hit delay has been removed (to better emulate osrs combat)
  • Upon killing the world boss all players that received a drop will be teleblocked
  • Can not leave the bounty hunter crater if you have been teleblocked
  • Teleporting to a slayer task will now have a 500 BP fee
  • Large BP casket drops have been removed from the very rare drop table and put into the rare drop table
  • Completing the tank bot event will not drop a rare loot key instead of a common loot key
  • Increased BP amount earned in the weapon game



  • Fixed issue with being able to hold control to bypass run energy limit
  • Fixed issue with familiars being unable to attack other players
  • Fixed issue when teleporting within the wilderness it would put you into pvp causing you to bypass wilderness teleport checks
  • Fixed issues with being able to teleport out of barrows
  • Fixed issues with not losing barrows streak if leaving region
  • Fixed issue with dragon fire
  • Fixed issue with dark energy core's hp
  • Fixed issue with wilderness ores
  • Fixed attack speeds for twisted bow
  • Fixed issue with amulet of doubling
  • Fixed issue with starter whip degrading too soon
  • Removed some spawnable items there were in the supply crate
  • Fixed issue with losing items to another player in an instanced area (high-risk)
  • Fixed issue where killstreak would be reset when dying to a npcs
  • Fixed some issues with some incorrect title requirements
  • Fixed issue with some slayer perks



  • Checking for donator ranks when gambling
  • Automatic charm deposit is now being saved & will bank charms dropped by monsters
  • Added new kill animations & changed up some death animations

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