For the past two weeks me and @Exabyte have been working hard on our combat system. We have written it from scratch, basing it off OSRS. Combat is pretty much finished, all that is left now is a handful of item effects and weapon specials, which will be completed in the coming weeks.

We feel now is a good time to being Alpha testing. Alpha will only consist of members from the staff and veteran members that have been with us from the start. We would like to include everyone however, it is still early and we want to provide the best experience possible. There is no ETA of how long Alpha will last or when Beta will begin, but we will let you guys know as soon as we do.

If you are interested in Beta please be sure to read the following article to see how you can be involved when the time comes:


Equipment Screen

  •  Fixed up some pixel alignment 
  •  Screen will display your weapon max hit 
  •  If your weapon has a special attack, the screen will display it
  •  If auto-casting, the max hits being displayed will be for the spell
  •  Added the ability to check specific item bonuses  


  •  Added a 'donator benefits' option in donator tab
  •  All donators have the ability to auto delete vials when empty  


  •  Now utilizing the client's default preference system
  •  Now saving all custom game settings 


  •  Magic
    •   Single spell casting fully working
    •   Auto casting fully working (will save on logout as well)
    •   Spells require runes or weapons for casts
    •   All miasmic spells have been added with their appropriate effect
    •   All ice spells have been added with their appropriate effect
    •   All blood spells have been added with their appropriate effect
    •   All shadow spells have been added with their appropriate effect
    •   All smoke spells have been added with their appropriate effect
    •   All normal elemental spells have been added (strike, bolt, blast, wave & surge)
    •   All god spells have been added (saradomin, guthix & zamorak) 
    •   Bind, snare & and entangle have all been added
    •   Added full teleblock effect
  • Melee
    • Most weapon types have been added
    • Most weapons have their special attacks fully working perfectly
    • Granit maul special attacks are instant
    • Added vengeance support
  •  Ranged
    •   All ranged weapons check for the correct ammunition
    •   Ammunition will be dropped after each shot (added ava's affects)
    •   Most ammunition types have been added
    •   Bolt effects have been added with their effects
    •   Hand cannon has been added
    •   Added Morrigan's javelin with it's effect
    •   Added Morrigan's throwing axe with it's effect
    •   Zaryte bow has been added (made it a one handed weapon to increase it's value)
    •   All range weapon specials have been added (hand cannon, msb, dark bow, etc)
  •  Prayer
    •   All combat styles will be effected by protection prayers
    •   Normal prayer boosts have all been added  
  •   Sidebar
    •   Attack style configs are now all saved individually
  •   Other
    •    Ring of recoil has been added
    •    Phoenix necklace has been added
    •    Poison system has been written and implemented   


  •  This is the new skill that will be replacing dungeoneering 
  •  Maximum level is 120
  •  Chaotics can only be equipped if they have the correct slaughter level
  •  Slayer experience is gained from lamps, killing bots, killing players & killing bosses 


  •  Potions & foods now work perfectly
  •  Ability to combat eat
  •  Delays are 100% accurate
  •  Added Nex armour effects
  •  Pizzas have been added
  •  Added karambwan effect
  •  Added Rocktails effect
  •  Added Saradomin effect
  •  Added many other potion effects


  •  Teleporter now has the option to teleport you to your last destination
  •  Added a npc to swap prayer & magic book
  •  Fixed some bugs with custom presets
  •  Custom presets will now check for two handed weapons when setting up equipment
  •  Added the ability to duplicate inventory items in the custom presets
  •  When searching for items in the custom presets, default common items will be shown first
  •  Added the ability to modify stackable item amounts within the custom presets
  •  Fixed a texture issue with torva platebody
  •  Torva, Pernix, and Virtus now have correct equipment bonuses
  •  Added a action for picking up ground objects (cabbage, grain, potato etc)
  •  Added musicians around most major cities (each musician will play a different song)
  •  Added bone burying
  •  Presets now will stay open on the last active set
  •  After killing someone, players must wait 15 minutes before they can get rewards from the same person
  •  Flowers can now be picked up after planting mithril seeds



















Daily Rewards

  •   Every month there will be different items available to claim each day
  •   Calendar will automatically change the month even when server is live
  •   Rewards are randomly generated with certain parameters 
  •   Items at the end of each week are of higher value & can only be claimed if the player has logged in for 4/7 days
  •   Items at the end of each month are the highest of value & can only be claimed if the player has logged in for 65% of the month
  •   Certain safety measures have been put into place to prevent farming
  •   High value items are presented in different colors
  •   Daily rewards can be accessed via the quick links in the quest tab

Drop Simulator

  •   Ability to simulate NPC drops
  •   Ability to simulate content drops (crates, caskets, keys, ETC)
  •   Ability to change the simulation amount
  •   Ability to search for NPC or content
  •   Drop container value is displayed
  •   Drop simulator can be accessed via the quick links in the quest tab

Weapon Loans

  •  Players can speak to the Weapon Lender to obtain a weapon loan
  •  Players may only have up to 1 loaned weapon at a time
  •  Players must put BP into their coffer
  •  Players may not enter the wilderness with a loaned item
  •  Players may not trade or sell loaned items
  •  Each hit don't with the loaned weapon will remove BP from the coffer
  •  Once the coffer is empty, the weapon will be returned back to the Lender 
  •  New players will get the choice of a weapon loan for free which will last 50 hits

Quest Tab

  •  3 different pages (overview, account & tools)
  •  Overview page displays server information
  •  Account page displays player's information
  •  Tools page handles accessing other content (drop simulator, leaderboards, ETC)

Movement System

  •   Movement has been completely reworked, it is almost identical to OSRS
  •   Combat following is PID dependent whilst regular following is not
  •   Dance following is fully working
  •   All logic has been tested and outcomes are all accurate

Container System

  •   Completely redid our old system for greater flexibility and more efficiency 
  •   Equipment, banking, inventory, & others have been fully re-done  


  •  Fully automated system
  •  Certain requirements have been placed to ensure that no-one has an unfair advantage 
  •  Chances of being dropped are based off the amount of BP contributed
  •  Once the lottery has hit a certain amount, a countdown of 3 hours will start
  •  Countdown time, lottery contributors, and other information saves which means server restarts won't affect the system
  •  Players will still be able to claim their winnings even if they are offline



  •  Added the ability to change/move gear slots
  •  Added a session play time (visible in quest tab)
  •  Added experience lamps (small, medium & large)
  •  Added token caskets (small, medium & large)
  •  Added supply crates
  •  Added equipment screen button to banks
  •  Added bank button to equipment screen (only visible if previously opened from bank)
  •  Re-did our item definitions system
  •  Fixed various bugs with item bonuses
  •  Fixed some issues with equipment
  •  Added banker spawns to a few cities (varrock, edgeville, falador, canifis)
  •  Added 'view rewards' action to loot chest which will simulate rewards for each key
  •  Fixed issue with unequipping & equipping items with the equipment screen



























  •  Created an activity to introduce the basics of the server
  •  Information about all the home NPCS, loot chest, teleporter, and more
  •  Ability for new player to skip the tutorial
  •  Going through the tutorial will reward the player with an extra 1,000 soul tokens
  •  Added an achievement for completing the tutorial


  •  Withdrawing & depositing (with all the options)
  •  Bank inserting & swapping, bank searching, item noting, help menu
  •  Quick deposits (inventory, equipment & summmoning items)
  •  Bank tabs (item swapping from tabs, tab views, collapsing, collapse all, proper tab shifting)
  •  Place holders have been fully added (releasing, release all)
  •  Added the ability to delete a bank item with it's entire stack
  •  Sub-interface with a countdown to handle severe bank actions
    • Bank Pins
      • Pins will randomly shuffle on each stage
      • Pins can be changed (must enter existing pin)
      • Pins can be deleted (will take 48 hours and will be removed automatically)
      • When pins are active, banking, grand exchange, and other sensitive information requires pin input
      • Stores that are point based require pin input
      • After 3 incorrect pin attempts, player will be locked out from pins for 15 minutes

Custom Gear Presets

  •  Ability to utilize 15 gear slots
  •  Ability to manually change spellbook, prayer book and quick prayers
  •  Ability to overwrite current gear to the preset
  •  Ability to manually change skills
  •  Ability to manage inventory and equipment container
  •  Selecting a container slot will prompt an item search
  •  Activating a preset will remove the item from bank if the item has a value
  •  Custom preset options available
  •  Items in inventory & equipment will be automatically banked when activating a gear set
  •  Ability to swap inventory items through the preset interface


  •   Made a newcomer book which is given on starter which contains helpful guides
  •   Players can obtain the newcomer book by interacting with the info desk
  •   Fixed some issues with the achievement system
  •   Various engine changes & fixes






















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